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You've got options!

Three of them

A hilarious, all-ages, highly interactive MAGIC SHOW!

(The most popular!)

A hands-on, super fun balloon twisting workshop!

(Something different!)

An energy burning Hula Hoop Extravaganza!

(Perfect outdoors!)

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Fun Magic Show!

Justin Mazz Magic Show!

By far, most of the wonderful birthdays I visit book a magic show. This is 45 minutes of comedy, amazement and interaction. The humor is clean and fun for adults and kids. Your birthday child gets to be the star of the show and help open and close the whole event!

I travel with everything I need for the show so you don't need to stress having anything ready for me. Your guests get a fun 45 minute magic show and you get a much deserved break in your day to breath and relax! After the show is a perfect time for me to calm them down and lead them to the birthday cake to continue your party!

The details:

-45 minutes

-You don't need to provide anything

-Fits in just about any space or area

-Great for ages 3 and up

-Low stress

-Your birthday child is the star!

-Super fun Guaranteed!

Justin Mazz Magic Show - $300

Add Personalized Balloon Sculpting for the kids after the show! - $100

*Travel may be an additional charge.


Big Balloon Bash

Balloon Twisting Workshop

Some birthday parties call for something a little different. If this sounds good to you get ready for some balloons! This 60 minute program comes to you ready to run with a giant pile of pre-inflated balloons. Your guests (grown-ups can join in too) will have a great time getting hands-on instruction on how to make their own amazing balloon sculptures.

This program starts with a guided hands on 30 minute FUN lesson where everyone makes dogs, hats and more while learning the basics. After that Justin Mazz turns up the music and everybody gets to play and twist balloons for an exciting half hour of fun. You won't believe the pictures you'll get at this event! This workshop makes a great ending to an awesome birthday and gives all the kids a big pile of awesome souvenirs to bring home and a new skill to work on!

The details:

-60 minutes

-You don't need to provide a thing

-Requires a large open indoor space. Great for open basements, rental halls, church halls etc. Call for details.

-Great for older kids ages 5 and up (adults love making balloons too)

-Head-count of participants required a few days before the party so I can have everything ready

-Low stress

-Balloons for everyone to bring home!

-An amazing and different birthday experience!

Big Balloon Bash

$275+ $5/kid

*Travel may be an additional charge.


Happy Hooping Party

You're looking for something fun and engaging! You want something no other birthday party has! You've found it. This premium birthday party has it all. Every guest at your party will have a great time and leave with awesome memories and their own one of a kind keepsake hoop.

Your guests will get to see an amazing Hula Hoop demonstration and then build their own custom hula hoops. These are sturdy custom built hula hoops that will be around for years. Each kid (or grownup) picks out a custom color to decorate their hoop with and gets hands on help getting a great looking hula hoop. Then it's time for music, games and fun.


I'll run your guests through piles of team and solo games getting them up and moving. We'll do some hoop dancing. They'll be moving, laughing, burning off some energy and having a great time. Best of all, at the end of the party their custom hoop is your gift to them as a reminder of the fantastic party you threw!

The details:

-60 minutes

-Needs a large space, best outdoors in a yard or park or indoors in a large gym or rental hall with nothing breakable nearby

-Great for ages 5 and up; younger kids can participate but they'll need a parent to help them out

-A great ACTIVE birthday party time

-Each kid keeps their very own custom hula hoop so you don't need to stress over gift bags

Happy Hooping Party

$275+ $5/kid

*Travel may be an additional charge.


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