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Moving forward...

- I want you and your guests to feel safe and comfortable at your party.

- I have received a full course of Covid-19 vaccine.

- At your request I will happily wear a mask covering both my nose and mouth for the entirety of or any parts of your booking period.

- I encourage you to set any boundaries you need for your guests. Policing social distancing among the children during the show is the responsibility of the parents present.

- I am not able to accept responsibility for children's personal space between each other while performing.

- Shows can be performed "normal" or with "socially distant assistants". Your guests won't notice the difference, just let me know what you'd prefer.

- I will happily accommodate your health and safety needs any way I'm able to before, during, and after your booking.

- If there are any details that will help keep you and your family safe just let me know...

Health and Safety

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 ​​Tel: 860-859-0584

Serving Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts

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